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Train on Everything to be Prepared for Anything


Fort Calhoun Fire and Rescue is the only Advanced Life Support (ALS) service in the county. We have around 10 paramedics and many more EMT's on the department ready to answer the call day or night.

Our med runs account for about 80% of all of our yearly calls. We operate 2 rescue squads and all of our engines are equipped with med bags for EMT's and Paramedics to use.

Our EMS functions are 100% funded by donations and run fees.

Fort Calhoun 50 Years of

50 Years Of Ambulance Service To The Community

A fund drive was held in 1969 to raise money to purchase a truck for a rescue squad. An old bread van was bought and the men on the department converted it to a squad capable of carrying five victims. This unit was put into service in September 1970 with great pride.

Since then quite a bit has changed and some hasn't. 

We still have many people dedicated to the community. They spend countless hours learning the very latest in EMS treatments and protocols, taking hours of training, and participating in drills to hone their skills and be prepared assist in any situation that may arise.

The rescue squads however, have come a long way from the old bread truck. Climate controlled, on air ride and magnetic fluid suspensions, power lift cots, and they're packed with some of the same advanced treatment equipment found in emergency rooms. The old days of just load them in the bread truck and go have been replaced with some of the most highly educated, dedicated, and responsible medical professionals you'll find anywhere. They take great pride in what they do and they all do it on a 100% volunteer basis. 

There is one thing that hasn't changed since the money was raised in 1969 to buy that very first ambulance, the converted second hand bread truck, and that's how the EMS services we provide are paid for. It's all donations and run fees. Since the first dollar was raised, the taxpayers haven't had to pay a dime for any of the equipment used for EMS services. Hard to believe, I know, but through the generosity of the public and what is collected through run fees, all of the ambulances, cots, EKG machines, gloves, meds, etc. has been paid for without burden to the taxpayers.

If you live or work in the district and would like to become a part of our great team, click the button below.

If volunteering isn't in your future but you'd still like to help, every donation is appreciated, goes directly to fund the EMS service, and may be tax deductible.


Our EMS department follows the Nebraska Board of Emergency Medical Services BLS and ALS Protocols.

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